Auto-greaser for O'Bryan Scraper Series

Auto Greasers

The O’Bryan Scraper range is fitted with the Lincoln Auto-Greaser management system. The reason we use an Auto-Greaser system on our scraper range is for four reasons:

1. The Auto-Greaser provides consistent lubrication on a consistent basis.

Our machines are fitted with an automatic lubrication system, which is the most important step in preventative maintenance in preserving the productivity and life of the scraper.

By using an auto-greaser system you will prevent the under-lubrication of the equipment which can lead to increased component wear, premature failure, higher energy usage and increased operating and maintenance costs.

While under-lubrication can cause issues with your scraper, over-lubrication can be just as harmful, it can lead to excess heat buildup, stressed lube points, increases downtime and waste lubricant.

Which is why we offer our O’Bryan Scraper range with an auto-greaser, allowing the user to regulate the lubrication application for their scraper.

2. Automatic lubrication means a safer operation of equipment.

In general, automatic lubrication provides a safer method of supplying the required lubrication. The optimal time to lubricate a bearing is while it is moving, which is an unsafe condition for the people applying the lubricant. Lubricant points are also often in very hard-to-reach locations, which can cause technicians or operators to put themselves in risky situations.

Modern automatic lubrication systems help overcome the issues of manual application. By applying the right amount of lubricant at frequent intervals and monitoring lube system performance, optimum lubrication is ensured. 

3. It is environmentally friendly.

A well-lubricated machine is more energy efficient; this benefits the environment as well as the bottom line. Most lubricants are derived from the same crude oil used to produce fossil fuels, so using less lubricant is better for the environment. Automatic lubrication applies less lubricant more frequently, reducing waste and therefore protecting the environment.

4. Contaminants are reduced.

Our scrapers are exposed to contaminants such as chemicals, rocks, sand, dirt, and other particles which can cause more wear and tear when lubricating equipment manually. The Automatic lubrication allows the grease to pump through a filter before it enters the reservoir of the lubricator, limiting the penetration of contaminants into these lubrication points.

Lubrication is critical in ensuring equipment keeps moving. Without proper lubrication your scraper can suffer from downtime, which impacts your productivity. That is why we offer our entire range of scrapers with an auto-greaser to maintain and prolong the life of your machine. 

Pictured: O’Bryan 1000 Series HD Standard – Auto Greaser Unit